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Corporate meeting with employees

Corporate & Commercial


We can assist you with all of your corporate compliance requirements, including incorporations, annual corporate filings, director changes, resolutions.


Outsiders can handle all of your commercial needs, including USAs, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, amalgamations, wind-ups, loan documents, etc.


Whether you are looking to start a new business, add shareholders or restructure your business for liability reasons, Outsiders can help to ensure that it is done in a tax efficient and strategically sound manner.

Corporate & Commercial

Bitcoin & Blockchain

We have experience with Bitcoin miners, lightning network, Bitcoin teller machines, Bitcoin tax and the regulations governing businesses operating in the space.  We have been servicing clients in this space since early 2018 and have helped build a number of Bitcoin businesses from the ground-up.  


Outsiders has been working with exchanges and money services businesses since 2018 and we have spent countless hours understanding proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains.  We have been involved in everything from tokenized security offerings to staking pools.  If you are looking for a law firm that doesn't need you to educate them on the space, Outsiders is your answer.

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Tax, Charitis & NPOs
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Tax, Charities & NPOs

Regardless of whether you are trying to move wealth to your children, get RRSP eligibility opinions for your private company, acquire an asset, dispose of an asset, expand internationally, develop a tax efficient corporate structure, or participate in any other type of transaction, Outsiders can help make sure that you do so in a tax-efficient manner.

Charities & NPOs

We have unique experience in this space, having advised on multiple mergers and amalgamations of charities (both with other charities and with NPOs), the reorganization of existing charities to ensure ongoing compliance, the formation of dozens of new charities, the changing of multiple Charities Directorate rules, defending of several charities from deregistration, Outsiders can help you with all of your charities and NPO needs.

Click here to learn more about Charities and NPOs.


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